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The profile Tourism of Samosir Island #2
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The profile tourism of Samosir Island #1
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We might have seen so many strange things in this world, but you probaly never seen this yet . Rikky is his name, he was born and lived on the island of Samosir. He was born with perfect, but with the accident that he had when he was a baby made him hand defects . But God is fair, God gave him a talent. If you visit Samosir and want to see him play, he can be found in the Tuak shop by Mr.Gindo GAROGA VILLAGE
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Tongam Sirait is a new rising star from Parapat Lake Toba. He is a really talented man,great voice and great music player.He sing and write his own song.He wrote a lot of songs such as batak song,indonesian and English song.This is one of his latest song which telling how much he loves and care Lake Toba.
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This is a song that we have been trying to worked out since the last a few month. This song wrote by one of Samosir Tourism team in Amsterdam, who care about the tourism in Lake Toba. We hope that you will enjoy the music.
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