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Discover more of the culture,history and the nature around Lake Toba.Make your traveling even more interesting and full of experience.
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Just to convince you more, here is our interview panel in April 2008.Hear what they are all saying about the place.
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Batu sawan located in up the mountain of the Sianjur Mula Mula village, this is the village of the first batak people( the batak great grand father)
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This song is telling about the beauty of the lake,the nature arround it,that you will feel the peacefull, and giving your mind relaxation when you see it, and you will always miss it when you are a way from it.
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Local musician were touring for 1 month arround UK (England - Schotland - Wells)in 2004.Second tour was in 2005, and at this time they were doing music collaboration with a musician from Madagaskar and South Afrika. They were touring for 1 month together around UK.
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