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SAMOSIRTOURISM.COM will have a new look
Dear visitor,

I thank you for your visit to this website and for spreading the word about SamosirTourism, and of course telling other people how beautiful Lake Toba is. So that Lake toba has more visitors  in the future, as one of the goal of Samosirtourism team.

I realize, that  our information on this website is not completed yet and there are still many information that we need to updates on this website.
If you do have any article, suggestion or advice to make this website more useful,  please do not be hesitate to contact me.

It is already nearly a year, that we are busy with new upgrade of SamosirTourism. We are trying to give our visitor more possibility and easy to search our website.

Several things that we are going to develop in our website are :

- Making a click able map of Samosir Island, so that each villages or spot tourism in Samosir Island, shown on the map, and to just need to click the them on the map.

- Making a member page, you can create your account and be a member of SamosirTourism, then upload all your photos about Lake Toba - Samosir Island.

You can follow our progress to see the new looks of SamosirTourism


Samosir Tourism is an independent organization, who care about theTourism in Samosir Island - Lake Toba. Henry Manik as initiator and founder of SamosirTourism, has created many activities to stimulate the Tourism in Lake Toba.


Henry Manik

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