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I was Ripped off !!
If this is your first trip to an Asian country, it will be to your advantage to get to grips with bargaining. Some places of course have fixed prices-restaurant, Supermarkets, hotel and so on, but many things and services are negotiable.

A services is worth whatever you both agree on, and agreement indicates that both parties are happy enough with the compromise. Bargaining is always more successful if done with smile, in a light hearted way and in a friendly manner.

It is after all, just a means of communication, similar to talking about the weather. How often have you overheard a conversation where somebody says like " I was ripped off, he charge me Rp.8.000, it should have been Rp.5.000?". The fact that someone else bargained more succesfully than you does not mean you were ''ripped off'' . No mate, you agreed to pay.

This does not mean you should trust everyone blindly of course, but as Peter Moore says in his amusing travel book ''The Wrong Way Home'' - '' The ability to instantly assess the motives of people is a skill you learn pretty quickly when you travel. Nearly every day you are put in a situation where you have to decide whether or not to trust someone. You have to decide whether they are ripping you off or helping you out. And it is a fine line to walk, but if you take it as read that everyone  is trying to stiff you , you will have a horrible time and rob yourself of some really wonderful moments of generosity and hospitality.

wrote by Richard , UK

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