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The Impacts and effects of Sinabung Volcanic eruption
The Sinabung volcano on the island of Sumatra erupted on Sunday for the first time in four centuries, sending smoke 1,500 meters into the air and prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents, officials said. Several dozen villages on the slopes of the erupting volcano have been evacuated and residents have found shelter in nearby cities like Kabanjahe and Berastagi.
The area around the volcano is largely agricultural.

                            Mount Sinabung erupts          photo by Orba Ginting
" Until now authorities evacuated at least In total there are about  29.500 evacuees, but this number is most likely to increase in the coming hours and days from high risk areas

Mount Sinabung in the north of Sumatra began erupting around midnight after rumbling for several days and lava was overflowing its crater"This is the first time since 1600 that Sinabung erupted .

 The nearest big city to the volcano is Medan and there were no disruptions to flights, except route flight Medan - Silangit ( new domestic airport near Balige) and Medan -Sibolga.

The land route Bukit Lawang - Medan - Pematang Siantar - Parapat -Samosir Island is running as usual , and the local people in those area especially in Pematang Siantar and Samosir Island said they dont really feel or smeel the ashes. The distance of Samosir Island to the volcanoe is more then 150 km.

data source ,indahnesia,and interview with the local people

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