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Batak Music, by Henry Manik
Henry Manik was born and grew up in on of the best place on this planet, Lake Toba - Samosir Island Indonesia.He has been involved in several Batak music Project Album which has been distributed in world wide, as well touring in Europa bringing the Batak traditional Music .Proud to be Batak and willing to let other people hear more about the beautiful Batak melody especially in the western side are his motivation of making this music solo Album, . He combined the traditional instrument from Lake Toba with modern instrument. He is an autodidact multitalent musician and singer. He played the accustic guitar, bamboo flute, hasapi in the album. He started making his own music since he is living in the Netherlands.

Take a moment to listen to his batak music creation.

    Thinking about doing something for Lake Toba - Samosir Island? He can be one of the person from Samosir Island who have been doing several project for Samosir Island - Lake Toba.
    He created in 2007 with his own financial , and promoted the Lake Toba In europa by his acitivities, through music, organizing events with Batak Organization in Europa,building a network, and cooperation with several school/university in the Netherlands,like

     - Tourism School in Leeuwarden
    - IN Holland University

    With those school, he created some project for the students , sending them to Samosir Island for Research  Program, workshop, exchange knowledge with Tourism Student in Tuk Tuk Samosir Island

    In 2004 , Henry Manik in cooperated with his good friends  Hope Cooper who worked at the Music label in London , did a music Project. Bringing Marsada Group from Samosir Island to the world stage. With this group, he touring all over UK. Performance in several Radio in UK , BBC World Radio, and BBC tv on breakfast program.

    In 2005, Hope Cooper purposed again a new Project to Henry Manik, which was Collaboration Project between artist / musician from Senegal and Madagaskar. This second UK tour was again success.The Project called, Heat Weave.

    2011, Henry Manik was again managing Batak Music Collaboration, between Batak Indonesian musician Viky Sianipar and Musician from Austria Herman Delago. The Project called, TOBATAK.  This album is now distributed worldwide, under the label of World Music BSC from Germany. Where to find this album please check this link 

    His passion, in bringing Batak culture/music to the western side is very high. All this activities  done by him in his free time, as he is a full time worker in a company in Netherlands. Upcoming event, which Henry Manik is getting involved is  Danau Toba Night on 8 Juni 2013 in Kaatsheuvel Netherlands.

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