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New method of payment in Samosir Island

Samosir Island - Lake Toba is one of the most populer tourist destination in North Sumatra.

The methode of payment at Samosir Island for the any tourist who are visiting Lake Toba and Samosir Island has been a big issue in the last decade . The most of tourist were quit grumble about the methode of payment because in any transaction , the payment has to be in cash. Whereas the most of tourist nowdays are prefer bringing their card around without bringing any cash. It is make sense due to the money safety.


By understanding this condition Samosir Cottages and Samosir Villa Resort are has been trying to do  their best taking a step to dealing with one of the bank in Indonesia BNI , to approve this method  of payment in their hotel.  It has been giving a great result, both party are agreed .


Since Augustus 2010. anyone who are visiting Samosir Island either you stay in those hotels or not  ,you can get some cash from their receptionist or do some transaction at both hotel which mentioned above  by using your card with theses logo:


Procurement of this payment method is an achievement accomplished by SamosirCottages in facilitating the visitors to make transactions in Samosir. And it is one of the appropriate steps in the development of tourism in Samosir

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Name : Vinstio01 Mei 2012
All about days of batak ...

Batak culture and Batak tourism is perfect places.
Name : Ringgo Yogi30 Agust 2010

Emang sih kita udah sangat ketinggalan jaman banget tuh, makanya tolong dong bagi pribadi-pribadi yang cinta Samosir Island, sumbangkan dong pemikiran /ide kalian demi kemajuan pariwisata Samosir. masak ya dulunya sistem pembayaran mesti pake cash,nggak mungkin tamu yang dari Eropah sono musti bawa dolar bergulung gulung and ditaruh di kantong,ntar kemalingan ato dirampok lagi
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