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Foreign tourist impression of palm wine ( Tuak )

Tuak is also named as JUNGLE JUICE OR PALM WINE

Tuak  is the juice from palm trees which are naturally managed without the incorporation of chemical substances. Tuak is a traditional beverage Batak people which also contains alcohol


                        Palm Wine Tree                            Garoga Village

Recently, there are foreign tourists who often visit the  GAROGA VIllage to enjoy this Tuak. On Sunday 24 April 2010 , three tourists who come from Korea along with several  tour guide from  Tuk Tuk  came to the Tuak shop which owned by Gindo Rumahorbo, Gindo is also one of the SamosirTourism Team.


According to the three foreign tourists from korea, they have heard this Tuak from the local people at Tuk Tuk  , Tuk Tuk is the name of the area which centre of Tourism in Samosir . Those local people told them, At Garoga Village there are several Tuak Shop which still have real natural  tasty , and it being produce at the village self.


When the SamosirTourism team asked those Korean Tourist, How did they think about the Tuak , one of the tourist jhin heei  said '' I really like the taste of this jungle juice , it has alcohol but not so strong, it is ok for me "


   Tuak Shop at Garoga                  Tourist learn the batak instrument

Those foreign tourist were really enjoyed their time on that Tuak shop at Garoga Village, beside enjoying the Tuak , they really like the atmosphere , fresh cool air, Batak live musik whose playing by the local Tuak drinker. It is quiet normal, in every single Tuak Shop you will hear the batak music being played.


Gindo Rumahorbo  as the owner of the Tuak Shop as well as SamosirTourism team, trying to fulfill his shop with several different kind of Batak instrument also other instrument. He is one of the person who are really motivated to improve the Tourism development by introducing Batak Culture to the world wide. He is very helpful and English speaking. 




To fulfill your time while visiting Samosir island - Lake Toba, it is really worth to visit Garoga Village and this Tuak Shop. Gindo give also less to learn Indonesian or Batak langguage, and any quiestion about Batak people,culture and musik that you might can think, he would be the person who can answer.


What to do in Garoga Village :


1. Visiting the Tuak Shop

2. Visiting the Simangande waterfall

3. Good walking area for a day, you will see how the real local people are make living.

4. Learn the batak instrument

Garoga situated about 4 kilometers from Tuk Tuk Siadong.




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Name : biherst19 Apr 2011
lapo tuak
ini adlh kmpng q. . . .

Masihol iba minum tuak takkasan dht na pinanggan. . .
Name : Carmencita Boekhoudt26 Mar 2010
Program Manager Tourism INHolland University of Applied Sciences
Good initiative! With 4th year tourism students from INHolland University I also try to help Henry and his team to promote local culture as 'attraction' for visitors. Samosir Island has so much local culture to offer; food, music, woodcarving, daily life, rice and other cultivation etc. Visitors often like to see the 'backstage' of a tourism destination and interact with local people, so be inventive and show and teach the visitors more about your local culture! The visitor will appreciate it.
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