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It's a matter of time, before I go back there.

This is a review of Samosir by Rosmery from Switzerland, for SamosirTourism.Original text is in German langguage.

The Lake Toba, the largest crater lake in the world, up to 450m deep, 100km long and 30km wide. Since this is on 900m above sea level, the temperature is pleasant all year round (20-30 degrees) during the short rainy season, heavy rains, raining, mostly at night, on the ground. It is not surprising that Batakpeople, very musical, always sing about their lake. They say they were the friendliest people in the world, with a smile that takes your breath away.

This melancholy in their songs, accompanied by guitar and bongo, tells of her hopes of love for its lake, and everyone who comes here will receive a warm welcome and felt immediately at home.

The malaria-free island can be explored by bicycle. Most beautiful beach resorts there are around the island. Also there are plenty of opportunities for trekking. The Batakpeople are divided into six groups. These consist mainly of Christians. Today, there are three million. Luckily, Lake Toba has remained until now spared from mass tourism.

The journey is the destination ...
Penang - Medan

If you have enough time, is a journey by ship worthwhile. This leaves three times a week from Penang to Medan (Strait of Melaka) and costs 150 U.S. $ Ringgit/43, oneway. Depending on the weather, the trip can be very adventurous and have some "travelers" have become seasick on the six-hour crossing. Although the flight with AirAsia is cheaper (90 Ringgit/26 U.S. $) Shipping is very eventful. You can indulge your mind on the deck or entertain yourself with the captain in the body language.

In Medan, the third largest city of Indonesia, at least six million people, you get a tourist visa for U.S. $ 25, which is valid for 30 days. While not exactly a resort, you can have a very well-to spend two days in Medan and the
ANGEL Guest House at Jl. SM. Raja No 70
is the newcomers with advice and practical help. The host will help you out with your onward journey to Parapat, Padang and Bukit Lawang after Tour, National Park, to watch the orang utan, and of course the choice of a suitable homestay on the island of Samosir where you have some fantastic days / weeks or months at this beautiful lake you can spend.
Opposite the Guesthouse ANGEL operate minivans to Parapat, Lake Toba, about 4-5 hours. From Parapat to Tuk Tuk (Samosir) runs every hour, a ferry (35 minutes).


 Recommended Restaurants

Directly on the lake, very relaxing to enjoy the sunset. The food is excellent, especially curry and rendang. Insider Tip: Coconut milk shake, mmh ...

Typical local restaurant with specialties such as: panggang babi (pig), sissang) (pork, aršík (fish), Teri sambal ikan (fish), na niura () fish, ikan Jahir) panggang (Fish. You will be thrilled.

There is only one road to Tuk Tuk. Ask for Jenny's Restaurant. Jenny and her husband Rinto run the simple but very cozy restaurant with a fantastic view of Lake Toba.

Reggae Restaurant
I recommend the "Reggae", especially for a barbecue and a very friendly family who runs the restaurant!
One of the best views of the sunset over Lake Toba. A place to stay and very romantic!
I was able (for hours to linger on the terrace to watch after a long Schwum and the sunset). A place to meditate!!
No stay on Samosir the jungle without a taste of wine. The best way to spot where this milky, sweet and bitter drink is extracted directly from the tree trunk. For a pint, we have paid 10,000 rupiah ($ 1)!
Why not go out to eat with the locals and watch them as they eat once with his hand. It has been incredibly fun that I forgot to eat, even with two kilos lighter and came home.
It's a matter of time, before I go back there, a matte of time before I go home ...

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