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Mount Naboratan Trekking Adventure in Samosir Island
Mount NABORATAN -Garoga Village                  The Peak of mount Naboratan

Samosir Island is today a major tourist destination in Indonesia,attracting all the people from all over the world.Western Tourist who are coming to Samosir Island usually for extended relaxing holidays.Beside being relaxing, swimming in the lake, reading a book and sunbathing ,they are doing a day trip by hiring a bike or motorbike to explored the island. For anyone who are looking for activities Samosir island has more to offer. It is imperfect if you visit Indonesia without visiting Samosir Island

For whom want to challenge the mountain climb and trek,Samosir island has it as well.

In march 2009, SamosirTourism Team created a footpath in NABORATAN MOUNTAIN which start from Garoga Village and end it up at SIMANGANDE WATERFALL. Garoga Village is about 4 km from Tuk Tuk tourist center.This distance is for a day trek. If you want to do a trek for more then a day, that is also possible.

                                                  Trekking Team Creator
Explore the natural phenomena of Mount Naboratan.Walking up the peak of Naboratan to enjoy the natural beauties such as the spectacular view over the Lake Toba, the rice field, and the villages.

                                                                   Spectacular view
One of the participant who joined us Jeroen from Belgium  was really enjoyed the trek. He said, "what a paradise island and very natural" Beside of the spectacular view ,he likes the challenging all the way up. These tour are designed for anybody provided with a good health.
  Jeroen from Belgium               Signed for direction                                              

More photos at galery
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Name : biherst19 Apr 2011
lestarikan samosir
mari kita bagun samosir. . .
Khusus ny garoga dan sekitar ny

Ditoru ni dolok i huta hatubuan ki. . . .ima dolok manusu. . .
Name : Gindo Rumahorbo10 Jun 2009

Horas di dongan Parboniaga !

Mauliate di sude na binahen ni Parboniaga na pararathon barita haulion ni samosir, asa lam tu majuna samosir i, ( bona pasogit ). taringot tu treking dolok naboraton desa garoga kec. simanindo...pangidoan asa bahen hamu kerjasama antara parboniaga dohot kelompok peduli lingkungan desa garoga jala tolong juga di buat sekregtariatnya di Dusun II Desa Garoga, dengan contact person : 0813 6152 1023 dan 0813 6208 6846. mauliate !
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