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Tour de Samosir is a fun bike ride, for those who really want to see Lake Toba from an angle they have never seen it from before.   It is not a competition, so there is no pressure on you to cycle a certain distance. When you have had enough, you can stop.

his will be a great opportunity to see some amazing views of Lake Toba and Samosir. Have a look at our GALLERY to get an idea of some of the fantastic sights and bring your camera to capture them for yourself. Through this cycling tour, we hope to help revive tourism in Tapanuli  and at the same time help to promote green living in the region by popularising cycling, as this form of transport  is often considered as the "poor man's transport" in this part of the world.  There will be a party in the evening which aims to raise money for local charities.

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Name : RIAN SAMOSIR10 Jun 2009
semoga acaranya sukses dan sebagai sarana untuk bangkitnya kembali kegiatan pariwisata di danau toba dan pulau samosir
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